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Fabric shades are versatile window coverings that can be sued by themselves or in combination with any number of other over treatments. The vast number of variations possible makes them appropriate for almost any design style.

There are four types of shades commonly used today:

Austrian: This shade is drawn up by vertical shirring and running the entire length of the shade into tight gathers.

Balloon: This shade has a scalloped hem that draws up from the bottom in loose gathers.

Roman: This shade is drawn up from the bottom in folds.

Roller:  This shade is rolled up from the top to the bottom.

  • Fabric shades should always be lined and interlined when necessary.
  • They can provide light and privacy control for any window including small, odd-sized, and hard-to-reach windows.
  • They can be easily motorized.
  • They can be hung on skylights and transoms.
  • When specifying blackout shades, pinholes in the lining must be filled to prevent light from bleeding through.
  • When mounting shades as under treatments, calculate the return of the over treatment to accommodate the full stack-up depth of the shade.
  • If specifying shades in a space where children are present, consider the safety concerns related to shade cords. Always specify continuous loop or other same mechanisms when available.