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A lambrequin is a cornice with long sides, or legs, that extend down to frame the window.

  • A lambrequin can be painted, wallpapered, stained, or upholstered just as a cornice can.
  • It's purpose is to create a strong frame around the window or to visually alter the shape of the window.
  • It can add architectural detailing to a plain space.
  • It can be sued with under treatments such as draperies, sheers, blinds, or shades. Increase the return and clearance accordingly.
  • A lambrequin can be used to unify a series of close-set windows into one treatment.
  • Lambrequin  should be self-lined as the lining can be seen from the inside edge of the treatment.
  • A lambrequin can have a symmetrical appearance using to lets of equal length and shape or an asymmetrical appearance with one or two legs of varying lengths or shapes.
  • A cantonniere is a lambrequin whose legs extend all the way to the floor.