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A flag is a pennant-shaped, vertical, decorative embellishment that is hung from two or three points at it's top hem.

  • Flags are very versatile, They can be used alone, on a valance or cornice, or with functional or nonfunctional panels.
  • Flags are economical due to the simplicity of their construction and the small amount of fabric and trim used.
  • Flags can provide substantial visual impact for very little cost.
  • Flags should always be self-lined or contrast lined.
  • Use string welt to create a sharp edge to the flag.
  • Do not topstitch the flag. Topstitching impedes the hang of the fabric.
  • Interline or use fusible interfacing on thin or unstable fabrics when making flags to give them body and drapability.
  • Flags can be made reversible by suing contrast lining. This will allow a quick change to the look of the treatment. It's a great tool for crating seasonal variety in your decor.
  • Flags can be taken on and off easily to change the look of the treatments or to be cleaned and pressed.
  • Flags can be hung from a wide variety of hardware.
  • Flags can be used to embellish store-bought panels and give them a custom appearance.
  • Flags can be easily added to an existing treatment to change it's look.