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Hard Cornices

A cornice is a hard-framed top treatment that can be used by itself or in combination with other elements.

  • A cornice can create architectural form and detail in a plain space.
  • A cornice can provide a structural framework for supporting additional treatments where hanging space on wall is limited.
  • A cornice can provide an opportunity for the use of many materials other than fabric in the treatment design.
  • Remember to increase the return of the cornice when hanging additional treatments underneath.
  • Self-line the dust cap if the cornice can be seen from above.
  • Self-line the cornice if the interior can be seen from below
  • Consider the finished weight of the cornice when planning its location and method of instillation.
  • Design long cornices to be made in several sections for ease of installation and on-site accessibility.
  • The hard inner frame of a cornice is usually constructed exactly to the measurements given. Cornices can grow after they are heavily padded and upholstered. If your cornice must fit in a tight space, adjust it by reducing the frame measurement 1/2" to 1".

Upholstered Cornices

An upholstered cornice is a card-top treatment that has been padded and upholstered with fabric. it's design can include other soft elements that enhance its appearance. use it alone or with side panels, draperies, or shades.

Arched Cornices

An arched cornice is a hard or soft cornice that has an arched shape tot he top of the cornice board. It can add architectural structure and shape to a plain window or reinforce arched lines already present in the room.