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Remi - 15 years and counting

Brian Cruz

Remi Sanches
Warehouse Manager Extraordinaire

 Last Friday April 29th we hurried to close the store promptly at 6pm so that we could celebrate Remi's 15 year anniversary with We R Fabrics - We R Home. It was a fun evening for all of the staff to enjoy dinner and drinks while sharing stories of the history of the store and everything that Remi has contributed along the way.

Remi has always been very passionate about pushing himself and his family ahead in life. Remi worked in a paint shop of a metal finishing company for a couple of years. Once he saw that he had no room for growth he decided to hit the books. Remi attended school at night and weekends for 2 years to finish his GED and take various computer courses.

Shortly after, he began working in shipping and receiving for a company that sold quilting books and video tutorials. Putting his computer knowledge to use he was able to advance as much as he could with that company and decided to move on to bigger and better things.

He found We R Fabrics in the newspaper and has been with us ever since. He worked his way up through our warehouse, when he started he was part of a team of 4, over the years his hard work and dedication has allowed him to manage the entire warehouse on his own. 

"Eagle Eye", some have called him. Remi takes great pride in finding flaws in fabric and defects in product to make sure that our clients receive only the highest quality products they have ordered. When he first started our reps would question why all of a sudden we were finding flaws regularly and sending back product more frequently than before.

Remi's favorite part of his job is solving problems and continuing to learn as much as he can on anything he can. When any of the staff need a solution to a problem with a order, Remi is the man to see. He also likes teasing the staff whenever he gets the chance, calling them "trouble makers" when they don't fill out their orders correctly, but always with a smile.

We asked Remi if he had a specific work situation that he found especially funny or interesting while working with us. His response: "Well, I think it's funny that I work all day receiving orders and assembling furniture, to show appreciation for all of my hard work over 15 years they got me a new office chair... which I have to assemble... That's pretty funny".

Anyone who knows Remi knows that he is a big family man. When he is not working he spends all of his time with his wife and daughter, twice a week he volunteers at his daughter's school and is very involved in her academics. What people don't know is what happens late in the evening. After hours Remi is mixing music, cutting tracks, and creating beats. Remi loves music and is working to be a professional DJ.

We are very grateful for all of Remi's hard work over the years; He is a vital part of the We R Home team and we hope to have another 15 years of his hard work and dedication as we continue to grow.